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Loopydoodles By Ms. J

Janet Paoli-McClure, a.k.a. "Ms.J" - artist and creator of Loopydoodles, is a native of the Northern California Gold Country, having been born and raised in Colfax, CA. She lived in Massachusetts for many years, where she raised her two children, received her degree in business management and built a succesful career. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Janet eventually moved back to Placer County for the healthful benefits of it's climate in 2010. She currently lives with her husband, Monty, in Rocklin, CA.

Loopydoodles came about by accident. Due to disibility, she had a lot of free time on her hands and decided to break out her old art supplies. She had done many different pieces since then, however, one day she simply drew a loopy line on the page and created a picture off of that line. When finished, she had a very fun and unique piece of art (see bottom of page). This loopy line style was applied to other pieces and then hanged in various business locations. They received really positive feedback and "Loopydoodles By Ms.J" was officially born.

"I am lucky to have inherited my artistic ability. I took a course in high school, various classes over the years but, primarily, I am self taught from the day I drew my first stick man."

Mediums she works in are pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pen&ink, watercolor, and acrylic. She also works in digital format and has done some graphic art work for friends. The next medium she wants to attempt is clay, wanting to sculpt.