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Loopydoodles By Ms. J

I want one. Now what?

If you've decided you would like your own Loopydoodle and have decided your subject matter (or have an idea), please select "Contact" on the Menu bar above. I will promptly get back to you to hear your idea, discuss and set an appointment to meet.

Our meeting would be to go over subject matter and project specifics. The more information you provide, the more personal it will be. Please, please, please bring ANYTHING that may assist me, such as: photos, inanimate objects, momentos, your own notes, etc.. This Loopydoodle is originating in your head, so I need to be able to get in there too. So to speak.

As we discuss and go through what you've brought, I will begin to visualize the possible picture size, potential illustrations, and the aproximate number of needed loops. All these things are considered along with the amount of detail needed and approximate hours required when pricing. Generally, You will receive your quote before the end of our meeting. 

So..... What should the loops of your doodle say?