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Loopydoodles By Ms. J

Things to consider

~ Who, What, Where ~

> Consider who it is for, along with their personal style (what they're into). Also, where would it be displayed? Home, office, etc..

~ Subject Matter ~

> This sets the overall theme and is what links together the illustrations inside of the individual loops.

> Has a direct impact on the overall size and the possible number of loops

~ Style & Overall Tone ~

> Serious or humorous

* Serious - Very straightforward illustrations of the subject matter. Especially good for important events and when depicting particular businesses, careers or events.

* Humorous - illustrations have more of a "cartoon" look, along with humorous details mixed in.

> Color or black & white

* Dependant not only on your personal preference, but also the subject matter. Some things just look better as one or the other.

~ Color; Watercolor painting detailed with black ink.

*Best if particular colors are wanted or needed

~ Black & white; Traditional "pen&ink" style of using various size pen tips to make dots, lines, cross-hatching, etc., to create the images.

*Produces a more detailed, formal look.

*Perfect if there are to be several small items in the illustration

> Free-flow line (The line that loops around for the individual illustrations)

* Plain line of black or particular color(s)

* Words - Free-flow line would actually consist of two lines, following the same path, spaced far enough apart to place words in between them.

* Things - Free-flow line would be comprised of articles such as chain, barbed wire, rope, wires, cords, etc..